michael myers maskHalloween is slowly creeping up on us and you know what that means! It’s time to break out with all the spooky stuff that we have hidden away.  I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love Halloween – it just so happens to be my favorite time of the year. I love everything from the ghosts and goblins on the corner to the cool breeze in the air and don’t forget about the cool masks … have you looked at the masks lately? They keep getting better and better! Today, I am going to give you the top five Scary Halloween masks …

1. The Michael Myers Mask

Who wants to be Michael Myers this year? This mask right here would surely do the trick. Seriously, do you see how real it looks? This mask was created by Trick or Treat Studios and they definitely did a good job at making it. They sculpted the mask to look the way it looked on Dick Warlock’s head in the film. They addressed each little detail, including the stretch, camel hair and the flesh tone. They even added the dirt spots that came about when Dick pulled the actual mask on and off by its nose when he took a break.
This is heavy duty latex (not the cheap stuff like you find on cheap Myers masks in every Halloween shop). Honestly, the picture doesn’t do this mask justice – when in the right lighting, it looks as if it came right off of the actor’s head.
Apart from using this as a mask, some people use it as a decoration by putting it on a statue to replicate Michael Myers … yes, it really does look THAT real.

2. Jigsaw Puppet Mask

Jigsaw Puppet MaskIf you are looking to scare people around you this Halloween go ahead and wear the Jigsaw mask. Mind you, the black hair doesn’t come with the mask (that is something you will need to buy separately), but the mask itself is really cool.
It is extremely lifelike. There are some individuals who are buying this mask in order to create a nice Saw setting (that movie was certainly creepy and no one wants to run into Jigsaw). You can take the head of this mask, place it on a big stuffed animal, dress the stuffed animal up in a small tuxedo, put it on a tricycle and it will be the best Halloween decoration on the block.

3. Devil Skull Mask

Devil Skull MaskIf you want to be something unique and really stand out from the party, this Devil skull mask will surely do the trick.
It has a long front bib with tendons sticking out. The tendons showing just adds to the spooky setting of this mask.  This mask was individually painted and is latex – it will fit over the head and has a long bib.

4. Horse Skull Mask

Horse Skull MaskWhen we look at this mask, all we can think is “wow.” Seriously, when you look at the picture, what do you think of? It’s pretty creepy, right? Imagine how creepy it would be on a live person in front of you. If you want to make people scream, this one would definitely do the trick.
The hood is made of thick, strong felt and is a great choice of fabric for the mask. When you wear it, since it’s rubber, the mouth will automatically take its shape. However, some still choose to stuff it for a good peace of mind.

5. Rubie’s Costume Dc Heroes and Villains Collection Joker Latex Mask

Joker Latex MaskJoker has a lot of fans, right? No top five Halloween list would be complete if it didn’t include a Joker mask! This mask right here comes from Rubie’s collection, which is well known for making high quality masks.
The mask is 100% latex and you could easily pair it with a coordinating batman costume. The mask is extremely well constructed and the hair on it is stiff, just as it should be. There are proper holes above the inner ear canal, nose and tongue, so you can hear and breathe.  Many like this mask, because you can lift it as you talk to people and it will stay on your head.
So there you have it, the top five Scary Halloween masks for tis year. You see, there’s enough “spook” to go around for everyone!

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