monster mashTop 13 Halloween Songs …

During your Halloween party, you definitely need a list of songs to play for that spooky celebration!

No Halloween party is complete without some spooky music from the ghosts and goblins!

Here, I am going to give you the top 13 Halloween songs …


  1. This is Halloween – Danny Elfman – Covered by Marilyn Manson

First on our list, we have “This is Halloween,” composed by Danny Elfman – it appeared on the popular movie “Nightmare Before Christmas” and has been a favorite ever since then. Back in 2006, it was famously covered by Marilyn Manson and I must say, he did a really good job.

  1. Monster Mash – by Bobby Picket

It all started in 1962, when the song was released on a single under Gary S. Paxton’s record label. That year, from October 20 to the 27th, the Monster Mash was on the Hot 100 chart. Ever since then, it has been a Halloween favorite – it was even on the top 50 in November of 2014.

  1. Abracadabra – by the Steve Miller Band

Abracadabra was written by Steve Miller and performed by the Steve Miller Band, which is an American rock group. The song was originally released back in 1982. This song right here is one of the bands biggest hits, next to “The Joker.” In the USA, for two-consecutive weeks, the song was in number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

  1. A Nightmare on My Street – DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince

Due to the success of this song, the producers of “Nightmare on Elm Street” sued for copyright infringement. If you’ve never heard it before, go ahead and listen to it – Fresh Prince adds humor to any good Halloween gathering.

  1. Psycho Killer – Talking Heads

David Byrne, the front man for Talking Heads once stated that the bad guys were more fascinating than the good guys. Therefore, this song is written about a psycho killer, making it a great Halloween song.

  1. Ghost in This House – Alison Krauss

Yes, this is a soft song, but for those of you who like country music, I included this one on the list for you. Whether you read this song as an analogy or literally for the lovelorn, this is a heartbreaking ghost story.

  1. Dragula – Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie is full of spooky music! He has even put some focus into movies, such as “The Devil’s Rejects” and “House of 1,000 Corpses.” He has even been nominates for three Grammy’s … personally, I find that pretty impressive. Dragular is a “must have” on your Halloween party list!

  1. Living Dead Girl – Rob Zombie

Here’s Rob Zombie, again …What’s not “spooky? About Living Dead Girl? This is a favorite of mine and should definitely be added to your spooky Halloween playlist.

  1. Gravedigger – Dave Matthews – Covered by Willie Nelson

Gravedigger was written and performed by Dave Matthews in his solo album titled “Some Devil.” This is his first single away from the Dave Matthews Band – in February of 2004, it won a Grammy Award for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance. Back in 2008, Willie Nelson added his own version of this song on the album titled Moment of Forever. I personally think Willie did an amazing job at this song and really adds a spooky feeling to it.

  1. I Put a Spell on You – Various Artists

I Put a Spell on You is a song that was written by Jay Hawkins in 1956. It was originally recorded by Hawkins himself, but has since been covered by various artists. Either one you choose, I Put a Spell on You is a perfect song for Halloween.

  1. Dracula – Gorillaz

This was on the groups first album and was released as a bonus track – you must admit, this song has a pretty eerie sound to it.

  1. Ghostbusters – Ray Parker, Jr.

As you may already know, this is a theme song for the movie titled “Ghostbusters.” Ray Parker, Jr. originally wrote the song for a ghostbusting business – he made it like an advertisement jingle.

  1. Ramones – Pet Sematary

Are you familiar with the movie “Pet Sematary?” It’s a movie that is based on a novel written by Stephen King. The Ramones, a popular punk band, recorded this song for the movie. This song was on the Ramones album called Brain Dead.



There you have the top 13 Halloween songs. If you’re looking to make a good Halloween playlist, make sure you add each one of these songs to it!

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