Ten foot tall Phoenixreal  Pumpkin Head Grim Reaper
Ten foot tall Phoenixreal Pumpkin Head Grim Reaper

The wickedly Tall Ten Foot Phoenixreal Halloween Inflatable Airblown Pumpkin Head Grim Reaper Decoration for indoor and outdoor use

Pumpkin Head Grim Reaper is one wild looking and wickedly tall Halloween decoration that will scare the hell out of your trick or treaters or party guests. This super tall evil looking Grim Reaper can be set up for indoors or outdoors use. This decoration is ten foot tall and super lightweight at only 6.12pounds so it’s easily transported and set up anywhere.

This Grim Reaper will spice up your Holiday decor inside or outside, while providing ultimate scare with minimal effort. The Grim Reaper is made from 190T Polyester Fabric and comes equipped with an internal built in motorized fan. When set up and paired with the Zombie Skeleton Statue in a multiple decor designed theme, Halloween would be complete.

10 foot tall Pumpkin Head Grim Reaper
10 foot tall Pumpkin Head Grim Reaper

Once the Grim Reaper is plugged in it will self inflate in seconds using the internal built in motorized fan. When It’s time to break the decorations down the Grim Reaper will deflate is seconds. All in All, you will have minimum time and effort involved to use this inflatable 10 foot tall Grim Reaper this halloween.

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Pumpkin Head Grim Reaper totally Durable,weather resistant and illuminated.

This Grim Reaper is made of Polyester Fabrics and is Weather Proof and Fade Resistant. It’s equipped with Tether Ropes and Ground Stakes for easy placement in the yard. There is also an Inflator Fan and a Voltage Transformer in the kit. This Grim Reaper comes in two different sizes an eight foot and ten foot design.

This Grim Reaper is also equipped with internal LED lights which brilliantly illuminate the awesome scary Halloween decoration. It is also comes with one ten foot extension cord, three sandbags for weighing down the Reaper at it’s base. There is also an instruction booklet for easy set up.

WOW super tall Pumpkin head Reaper
WOW super tall Pumpkin head Reaper

When you want a super tall scary Grim Reaper to stun all your halloween guest, this is the one. Go to Amazon.com and find the best prices on this Grim Reaper and get the fastest shipping to your door.

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