Skeleton Salt and Pepper HolderWhen people decorate their house for Halloween, they tend to focus on the living room and forget all about the kitchen. This Halloween, you should put some extra attention on your kitchen, don’t you think? Today, we are here to give you some interesting ideas by showing you some nice Halloween kitchen décor that you could use …

Skeleton Salt and Pepper Holder

Having a skeleton hold your salt and pepper for you seems pretty cool, right? This salt and pepper shaker will be a nice conversation starter during your next spooky party, there’s no doubts about that one. This item has been individually hand-crafted from cold cast resin and includes glass salt and pepper shakers. Read the rest of this entry

FunWorld Men’s Zombie DoctorAre you tired of wearing a boring costume every Halloween?

Are you looking for something that will be sure to scare the heck out of people around you?

When looking at all the different Halloween costumes currently on the market, I discovered the zombie doctor costume. Here’s what I found out about it …

First, let me start out by telling you a bit about FunWorld, the makers of this costume …

FunWorld, as you may already know, is one of the three largest Halloween suppliers in the world. The company started out in 2964 selling the product out of a station wagon travel throughout the U.S. Now stationed out of China, they are the only supplier with three generations working.

With the companies credo “We are doing things the second best way.” they understand there is always room for improvement.

Now, let me tell you about this Zombie Doctor costume … Read the rest of this entry

vampire jewelryIf you have a girlfriend who has a taste for vampires, then you may want to look into buying her special jewelry that suits her.

Of course, I understand men may have trouble when it comes to picking out the perfect jewelry and for that reason I am going to point you towards three pieces of jewelry any girl who loves vampires is going to like …

Black Velvet Choker with Red Rose Cameo Surrounded by Thorns

Black Velvet ChokerWhen I thought about vampire-type jewelry for girls, I immediately remembered this black velvet choker.

Personally, I think it would make a great gift for any girl that loves vampires and doesn’t have a taste for the super fine, expensive jewelry. Perhaps it would go great with her costume during Halloween?

Here’s some specifications on the choker:

  • The pendant is cast in high grade pewter
  • It’s adjustable between 12 to 16 inches
  • It has been hand crafted in the USA
  • The pendant size is 1 ½ inches high by 1 ¼ inches wide.

Either way you go, this choker right here is a must have, especially for those girls who are into punk, goth and/or steampunk jewelry. Read the rest of this entry

Dracula ringIf you have a boyfriend who has a fascination with vampires, regardless of what day it is, he may be interested in vampire jewelry.

It goes without saying, there is a little bit of something out there for everyone and honestly, for vampire lovers, the resources aren’t limited – it seems fantastic vampire jewelry is popping up everywhere, but of course, some are better than others.

Today, I am going to tell you about two items your boyfriend may be interested in. Mind you, these items aren’t expensive, so if you’re out looking for a nice gift, without having to pay a lot of money, pay attention to what I’m about to show you … Read the rest of this entry

michael myersHalloween is an exciting time of the year – there’s a slight chill in the air, the leaves are changing colors and zombies, witches, bats, ghosts and goblins are starting to show their faces.

During this time, we dare you to sit back and watch a scary movie right when it gets dark.

Here’s the top five Halloween movies ever …



  1. Halloween

Director: John Carpenter

Halloween is a must watch. This movie was released back in 1978 and today, it is still at the top of the “must watch” during Halloween lists.

Here’s the plot … Read the rest of this entry

draculaWe all know that vampires love to suck your blood and those fake vampires sparkle when they step out into the sun. However, vampires go much deeper than sucking blood and sparkling –there’s more to them. Today, we are going to give you some fun facts on vampires …

The Reason They Have no Reflection

When a human passes away and comes back as a vampire, according to legend, the individual no longer has a soul. It is believed that mirrors show the image of not only the body, but the soul as well. So, obviously, if you didn’t have a soul, you’re not going to have a reflection. Back in the day, mirrors used to have some silver in them. As you know, vampires are “allergic” to silver. Read the rest of this entry

plastic skullEvery Halloween, I don’t know about you, but I personally look forward to decorating for Halloween! I start decorating pretty early, but that’s because I have so much to do and I love it. Today, I am going to branch out and share some of my own Halloween Decorating tips with my readers …

Create a Ghostly Gallery on Your Mantle

Look online for some good 19th century portraits – you can find some good ones in Civil War history books. Print the pictures out and mount them on somber, coal-colored mats. Add some antique looking candles and fake spider webs in the mix and you’ll have your own ghostly gallery on your mantle.


Do you know those spooky looking ravens you can easily find in almost every department store in October? Buy a bunch of them and create a killer entrance! You can perch ravens on bare branches and on pumpkins outside your door. Read the rest of this entry

monster mashTop 13 Halloween Songs …

During your Halloween party, you definitely need a list of songs to play for that spooky celebration!

No Halloween party is complete without some spooky music from the ghosts and goblins!

Here, I am going to give you the top 13 Halloween songs …


  1. This is Halloween – Danny Elfman – Covered by Marilyn Manson

First on our list, we have “This is Halloween,” composed by Danny Elfman – it appeared on the popular movie “Nightmare Before Christmas” and has been a favorite ever since then. Back in 2006, it was famously covered by Marilyn Manson and I must say, he did a really good job. Read the rest of this entry

michael myers maskHalloween is slowly creeping up on us and you know what that means! It’s time to break out with all the spooky stuff that we have hidden away.  I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love Halloween – it just so happens to be my favorite time of the year. I love everything from the ghosts and goblins on the corner to the cool breeze in the air and don’t forget about the cool masks … have you looked at the masks lately? They keep getting better and better! Today, I am going to give you the top five Scary Halloween masks …

1. The Michael Myers Mask

Who wants to be Michael Myers this year? This mask right here would surely do the trick. Seriously, do you see how real it looks? This mask was created by Trick or Treat Studios and they definitely did a good job at making it. They sculpted the mask to look the way it looked on Dick Warlock’s head in the film. They addressed each little detail, including the stretch, camel hair and the flesh tone. They even added the dirt spots that came about when Dick pulled the actual mask on and off by its nose when he took a break.
This is heavy duty latex (not the cheap stuff like you find on cheap Myers masks in every Halloween shop). Honestly, the picture doesn’t do this mask justice – when in the right lighting, it looks as if it came right off of the actor’s head.
Apart from using this as a mask, some people use it as a decoration by putting it on a statue to replicate Michael Myers … yes, it really does look THAT real. Read the rest of this entry

sawNetflix, Inc. offers on-demand Internet streaming media that is available to people throughout North America, New Zealand, Australia, South America and parts of Europe.

Back in 1999, they started a subscription-based service and by 2009, they had 100,000 titles on DVD with over 10 million subscribers.

Today, amongst the movies and shows streaming on Netflix, there are a lot of horror flicks. Here are the top 13 horror flicks streaming on Netflix in 2015 … Read the rest of this entry

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