plastic skullEvery Halloween, I don’t know about you, but I personally look forward to decorating for Halloween! I start decorating pretty early, but that’s because I have so much to do and I love it. Today, I am going to branch out and share some of my own Halloween Decorating tips with my readers …

Create a Ghostly Gallery on Your Mantle

Look online for some good 19th century portraits – you can find some good ones in Civil War history books. Print the pictures out and mount them on somber, coal-colored mats. Add some antique looking candles and fake spider webs in the mix and you’ll have your own ghostly gallery on your mantle.


Do you know those spooky looking ravens you can easily find in almost every department store in October? Buy a bunch of them and create a killer entrance! You can perch ravens on bare branches and on pumpkins outside your door.


Eyeballs in the Tree

Find 2 white beach balls and paint black eyes on them. Glue them together and put them up in a tree. Mind you, getting them up in the tree may be complicated, but it will look really cool – like the tree has spooky eyes.


Figures on Your Lamp Shade

It is pretty easy to make figures on your lamp shade – it only took me ten minutes to do this. First, sketch out some bat shapes on white paper– if you’re not good at that, you can print them out.

Next, cut the sketches out – you have created stencils that you will be using to trace them onto black construction paper.

Next, cut the bat symbols out and you will have nice little bad shapes.

Now, take some scotch tape, put two small pieces on each wing and stick them inside the lampshades.

The neat thing about this is that when the lights are off, you won’t even notice the bats, but when you turn them in, there will be eerie bat silhouettes.

Glowing Ghosts

Here’s what you will need

  • 2 Yards of White Cotton Fabric
  • A Strand of White Lantern Lights
  • Scissors
  • A Black Sharpie
  • White String

Step one: Cut a total of ten squares that are 14”. Fold each one into a nice triangle and create the very tip of the triangle off. This will create a small hole in the center.

Step two Take the lantern off of the light and thread the light through the hole you just made in the fabric.

Step three: Place the lantern back on and wrap the fabric around the circle.

Step four: Take the white string and tie it around the bottom – this will hold the fabric in place.

Step five: Now, take the sharpie and draw eyes and a mouth on your tiny ghosts.

Plug the lights up and watch them glow!

3 More Spooky Ideas in this Video

Glowing Eyes

This one right here is super easy to make. Simply take your saved up toilet paper rolls, draw some creepy eyes on them, cut them out, insert the glow sticks inside them and activate them when it’s dark. You can put them inside bushes to make it look as if there’s glowing eyes inside your bushes.

Caught in the Web

This one right here will definitely add that spooky look to your home. Buy some plastic skulls and fake spider web. Take the plastic skulls and wrap them up with the web – hand the web from your ceiling. It will look really spooky, trust me on this one.

So there you have it – some Halloween decorating tips to get you started. You better start now!

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