FunWorld Men’s Zombie DoctorAre you tired of wearing a boring costume every Halloween?

Are you looking for something that will be sure to scare the heck out of people around you?

When looking at all the different Halloween costumes currently on the market, I discovered the zombie doctor costume. Here’s what I found out about it …

First, let me start out by telling you a bit about FunWorld, the makers of this costume …

FunWorld, as you may already know, is one of the three largest Halloween suppliers in the world. The company started out in 2964 selling the product out of a station wagon travel throughout the U.S. Now stationed out of China, they are the only supplier with three generations working.

With the companies credo “We are doing things the second best way.” they understand there is always room for improvement.

Now, let me tell you about this Zombie Doctor costume …


Product Specifications

  • Plastic
  • Polyester
  • 80% Woven Tc with Eva
  • 11% PVC with Pp hair
  • Made in China

The shirt is fully detailed, which makes it look amazing. It even has a rotted chest attached and pants that are exposing rotted knees. It even comes with latex gloves, a surgical mask and rotting zombie mask to complete the costume.

Looking at the other FunWorld Zombie Doctor Costume reviews scattered across the Internet, I find that they are pretty consistent. The size runs a bit small and the material being used is thin, but they also state that the costume is realistic and scary. Plus, you have to think about it – the material is thin, yes, but do you really want to wear something that is thick and heavy? Thin material usually means the costume is comfortable and if you plan on staying in it throughout the night, comfort is something you need.

The Standard Adult Size

Standard adult size fits 140-200lb. Most of the reviews state that the average weight limit for the costume should be an average weight limit of 160lb and a height no taller than 5’9 otherwise the costume will be really tight. Not to worry though, they offer the costume in a plus size suitable for men taller than 5’9 and up to 300lbs. Also remember when picking your size that this costume has thin material. So you might want to factor in the layers underneath you might wear. This costume ranges between $30 and $40 and although the lab coat is not included, it can be purchased separately.

 The Costume Looks Realistic

FunWorld Men’s Zombie DoctorThis costume is very realistic. FunWorld shows a good amount of attention to detail. Such as the bottom of the pants are dirty like the zombie has been walking through mud. The PVC helps make the rotting chest, bones, and mask look so realistic that it could pass as the real thing.   It’s not a mystery on how this costume landed #132 on 136 Coolest Halloween Costumes you Can Actually Buy list. According to the consumers, the mask does sit a little awkward around the eyes and for some has made it hard to see when you first put it on. With a little adjustment and the mask getting broken in, it does eventually find its place.



The FunWorld Men’s Zombie Doctor Costume reviews agree that with the right sizing, your costume will be a hit at any party. With the attention to detail and the affordable price this costume is perfect for anyone with a budget and is in the market to really scare.

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