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skeleton toilet holderI don’t know about you, but I absolutely adore spooky accessories all year long! Here’s some the top 10 spooky accessories I would highly recommend.


Skeleton Toilet Paper Holder

Every time you go to the restroom, wouldn’t you like to see a skeleton handing you the toilet paper?

I mean, for some of us, particularly those of us who have a taste for all things weird, would love this accessory. Every time the toilet paper spins off of the roll, this spooky skeleton will grin. The holder has been hand-crafted from cold cast resin with plastic roller. Read the rest of this entry

Drinking Scary Skeleton Wine Holder 1During those Halloween months, you may be interested in storing your wine in a spooky way – by using spooky wine bottle holders. Some individuals actually choose to takes these wine bottle holders and use them all year long and that is perfectly fine. Here, take a look at the top 5 spooky wine holders out there …

Drinking Scary Skeleton Wine Holder

Here’s a good way to store your wine … in a skeletons mouth! Don’t worry though, the skeleton isn’t really going to drink your wine, he’s pretty much all bones. This wine bottle holder has been hand crafted from cold cast resin. At your next Halloween party, this will be a big head-turner. You know, some people choose to leave this in their kitchen all year long and there’s nothing wrong with that. I mean come on, if you want to have a skeleton in your kitchen that is perfectly fine. Read the rest of this entry

The Conjuring AnnabelleWho said dolls had to be all happy and cute? Ed Long and Damien Glonek has something different in mind … have you seen the creepy Living Dead Dolls? These dolls are a line of horror dolls designed by Ed Long and Damien Glonek and manufacture red by Mezco Toyz – they have been doing this since 2000 and routinely release new series. Today, I am here to point you towards some of the creepiest Living Dead Dolls out there …

The Conjuring Annabelle

Have you watched “The Conjuring?” It’s a pretty creepy movie, I must say. This is the movie that introduced the scary doll called Annabelle. While she was only a supporting character, she took our imaginations by storm and returned to the big screen in the star of her very own movies titled “Annabelle.” In this film, you learned about the origin of the doll and see exactly what she is made of. Now, thanks to the Living Dead Dolls collection, you can have your very own Annabelle doll. This doll stands ten inches tall and features five points of articulation – she is wearing the accurate clothing and features the same hairstyle that you saw in the film. Read the rest of this entry

vampire jewelryIf you have a girlfriend who has a taste for vampires, then you may want to look into buying her special jewelry that suits her.

Of course, I understand men may have trouble when it comes to picking out the perfect jewelry and for that reason I am going to point you towards three pieces of jewelry any girl who loves vampires is going to like …

Black Velvet Choker with Red Rose Cameo Surrounded by Thorns

Black Velvet ChokerWhen I thought about vampire-type jewelry for girls, I immediately remembered this black velvet choker.

Personally, I think it would make a great gift for any girl that loves vampires and doesn’t have a taste for the super fine, expensive jewelry. Perhaps it would go great with her costume during Halloween?

Here’s some specifications on the choker:

  • The pendant is cast in high grade pewter
  • It’s adjustable between 12 to 16 inches
  • It has been hand crafted in the USA
  • The pendant size is 1 ½ inches high by 1 ¼ inches wide.

Either way you go, this choker right here is a must have, especially for those girls who are into punk, goth and/or steampunk jewelry. Read the rest of this entry

Dracula ringIf you have a boyfriend who has a fascination with vampires, regardless of what day it is, he may be interested in vampire jewelry.

It goes without saying, there is a little bit of something out there for everyone and honestly, for vampire lovers, the resources aren’t limited – it seems fantastic vampire jewelry is popping up everywhere, but of course, some are better than others.

Today, I am going to tell you about two items your boyfriend may be interested in. Mind you, these items aren’t expensive, so if you’re out looking for a nice gift, without having to pay a lot of money, pay attention to what I’m about to show you … Read the rest of this entry