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draculaWe all know that vampires love to suck your blood and those fake vampires sparkle when they step out into the sun. However, vampires go much deeper than sucking blood and sparkling –there’s more to them. Today, we are going to give you some fun facts on vampires …

The Reason They Have no Reflection

When a human passes away and comes back as a vampire, according to legend, the individual no longer has a soul. It is believed that mirrors show the image of not only the body, but the soul as well. So, obviously, if you didn’t have a soul, you’re not going to have a reflection. Back in the day, mirrors used to have some silver in them. As you know, vampires are “allergic” to silver. Read the rest of this entry

vampires vs zombiesVampires vs zombies, which one would you side with? Before you jump to conclusions and choose sides, let me start by giving you some facts on vampires, then I’ll let you in on the truth about zombies. After that, I’ll tell you which ones I choose and why … Read the rest of this entry