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Werewolf Costume
Werewolf Costume

Adult Deluxe Werewolf costume from Wonder Costumes

Werewolf Costume, the coolest halloween get up complete scary costume, you can really use to scare your trick or treaters. When they show up at you door, They will be screaming. We all know that when there’s a full moon werewolf’s become the ultimate problem in any neighborhood.

The lunar rays trigger transformations or werewolf’s just have excellent monthly timing and only change when the moons full. When werewolf’s are running wild, no venturing out during a full moon unless we are one of them!!!!!

Stalker out for blood
Stalker out for blood

If you happen to be a werewolf or wanta look like one then this costume is the one to get. It’s a full suit costume and allows you to feel like a full moon monster any day of the week. You can be on the prowl this halloween when you wear this wild werewolf costume. Putting on this costume is a whole lot less painful then going through the werewolf metamorphosis.

ComeS fully equipped with all you need to become the monster!!!

This Costume comes equipped with 100% polyester faux fur with a molded latex face with yellow eyes. It’s got fangs and eye slits located in the characters mouth. There’s a brown faux fur shirt with padded shoulders. Faux fur pants with elastic and velcro tab for a great fit.

This werewolf costume comes with faux fur boot covers, attached to the pants, held in place with an elastic band. Costume equipped wild looking latex hands which velcro into place and come lined with faux fur at the cuffs.

Werewolf Costume
Werewolf Costume

Imagine the look in trick or treaters faces when you answer the door with a howl and hand them candy. Many laughs for weeks afterward at remembering the frightened look in their faces. If you also want to be a hit at the costume party you are attending this is a definite costume to wear for maximum scare effect on halloween night. Check out the Isis Glow wings costume for another excellent outfit for this halloween.

You might even get to chase some of your friends through the woods and give them the ultimate scare to remember. So go to Amazon.com and get the best price possible on this costume and any other supplies you might need for this Halloween Holiday.

On the prowl
On the prowl
Japanese NOH Ghost Mask
Japanese NOH Ghost Mask

NOH Ghost Mask Deluxe Scary Halloween Prajna Cosplay Helmet

Japanese NOH Ghost Mask, one of a kind and very scary kind of mask. When you put this mask on you undoubtedly will sneak around and scare the hell of of your friends and family. When answering the door for trick or treaters it will cause them to take a step back in amazement because of the pure evil sight of this mask.

This mask, worn to all kinds of events and not just for Halloween. The Ghost mask, made from high-grade resin and is non-toxic to humans and the environment. This Mask is incredibly comfortable when you put it on. The weight is about 500 grams and one size fits all with a lot of room in it for adults/children’s heads.

Multiple uses for the Ghost Mask

The Ghost Mask is excellent for many kinds of purposes and not just for a halloween mask. The weight of this mask is about one pound and it’s size is 9.3×12.2 inch (23.5×31 cm).

This Ghost Mask is an excellent item for displaying Japanese culture in and around your home. This mask also used as a business gift or craft decoration. This is also a great addition to any mask collection and an excellent mask to wear to any masquerade Party or halloween ball.

The History of the Japanese Ghost Mask

NOH or Nogaku taken from the Sino-Japanese word for skill or talent. Since the 14th century NOH used in a major form of classical Japanese musical drama. Often based on stories from traditional literature with a supernatural being who then transformed into a human form and narrates the story.

NOH integrates costumes,various props and masks in a performance based around dance. These performances require highly trained musicians and actors who use conventional stylized gestures to convey emotions and masks to represent roles such as , children, women, old people and ghosts.

Evil Japanese ghost mask
Evil Japanese ghost mask

If you want one of the best Ghost Masks for your halloween decorations or adventures out on the town. A wild pairing of this mask with the Isis Wings Glow Costume would produce a wicked colorful scary costume. Check out Amazon.com for the best prices on this mask and all your halloween needs.

Isis Wings Glow Costumes

Performance Clothing Carnival Halloween

Isis Wings Glow Costumes – This amazingly stylish costume is one excellent costume for the ladies this Halloween. Ladies if you want to look like a super cool dancer, angel or a fairy this costume is for you. When answering youR door for trick or treaters you will light up the night.

This costume is so awesome and if used with some scary magical music this halloween you can dance and look devine for all your halloween guest. This costume also comes with different colors of lights so choose the costume you like the most and light up the night.

Glow Costumes

Glow Costumes features

This cool light enhanced costume comes equipped with a plus sized wing design, fit wearer up to 64-70 inches. The length of this costume is 58 inches and the wings can be opened at 360 degrees. Neck size of 11 – 16 inches.

This Glow Costume comes equipped with 240 LED 16 rows of flash lamps. The Wings come with 2 different light types – Magical Flash and Bright. This can be one of the most beautiful halloween costumes around this holiday.


This costume can be used for so many different kinds of occasions that it is a multipurpose use costume. Perfect for halloween, goes with any kind of clothes or special outfit you want to wear underneath. Pair this up with a really cool mask and you’ll have something pretty wild.

You can also wear this Lighted costume for school plays, annual wild dress raves, cosplay and carnival events. It will also be perfect for belly dancing and special bar events. Perfectly excellent to take some incredible photography outings and for almost any kind of party. Checkout Amazon.com today for the best prices possible on these lighted Isis wings and get ready for your next event.

Lighted Isis Wings
Lighted Isis Wings

Edward Scissor HandsBefore you know it, you will be staring at pumpkins, ghosts, werewolves and zombies. When you walk into the local department store, you will see four or five aisles packed with Halloween accessories and costumes.

Starbucks will start selling their famous pumpkin spice products and the aroma of fall will fill the air. Every time you walk outside, you may need to grab a sweater, because chills are going down your back.

This is Halloween time, the time of the year many of us wait for. Do you know what you’re going to be this year, for Halloween? Let me introduce you to the most popular Halloween costume for 2015 …

I don’t think it’s fair to write this post just for women, or just for men. So, here’s an outline of what I am going to do in this article:

  • The Most Popular Halloween Costume for Men
  • The Most Popular Halloween Costume for Women
  • The Most Popular Halloween Costume for Girls
  • The Most Popular Halloween Costume for Boys

As you see, I am going to introduce you to the most popular Halloween costumes for your entire family. Read the rest of this entry

Rubie's Costume Royal Vampire CostumeBefore you know it, Halloween will be here! Are you excited? I know I sure am!

Every year, I look forward to seeing all of the latest costumes and Halloween displays throughout my area. I absolutely love the entire atmosphere when it comes to Halloween – the spooky feeling, the slight chill and the autumn smells lingering through the air. What’s not to like about all of that?

Okay, let’s push those zombies to the side for a bit and talk about vampires – while your friends may want to dress up as a zombie, you may want to be something a bit more ancient … a vampire! There are hundreds and thousands of vampire costumes out there that you could choose from.

Today, we are going to give you a helping hand by pointing you towards the top 5 vampire costumes of 2015 …


Number 1 – Rubie’s Costume Royal Vampire Costume – for Men

Coming from Rubies collection, which represents over six decades of quality products for every costume occasion, we have a Royal vampire costume. This package contains the coat with an attached vest and medallion – it is 100% polyester. Read the rest of this entry

FunWorld Men’s Zombie DoctorAre you tired of wearing a boring costume every Halloween?

Are you looking for something that will be sure to scare the heck out of people around you?

When looking at all the different Halloween costumes currently on the market, I discovered the zombie doctor costume. Here’s what I found out about it …

First, let me start out by telling you a bit about FunWorld, the makers of this costume …

FunWorld, as you may already know, is one of the three largest Halloween suppliers in the world. The company started out in 2964 selling the product out of a station wagon travel throughout the U.S. Now stationed out of China, they are the only supplier with three generations working.

With the companies credo “We are doing things the second best way.” they understand there is always room for improvement.

Now, let me tell you about this Zombie Doctor costume … Read the rest of this entry

michael myers maskHalloween is slowly creeping up on us and you know what that means! It’s time to break out with all the spooky stuff that we have hidden away.  I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love Halloween – it just so happens to be my favorite time of the year. I love everything from the ghosts and goblins on the corner to the cool breeze in the air and don’t forget about the cool masks … have you looked at the masks lately? They keep getting better and better! Today, I am going to give you the top five Scary Halloween masks …

1. The Michael Myers Mask

Who wants to be Michael Myers this year? This mask right here would surely do the trick. Seriously, do you see how real it looks? This mask was created by Trick or Treat Studios and they definitely did a good job at making it. They sculpted the mask to look the way it looked on Dick Warlock’s head in the film. They addressed each little detail, including the stretch, camel hair and the flesh tone. They even added the dirt spots that came about when Dick pulled the actual mask on and off by its nose when he took a break.
This is heavy duty latex (not the cheap stuff like you find on cheap Myers masks in every Halloween shop). Honestly, the picture doesn’t do this mask justice – when in the right lighting, it looks as if it came right off of the actor’s head.
Apart from using this as a mask, some people use it as a decoration by putting it on a statue to replicate Michael Myers … yes, it really does look THAT real. Read the rest of this entry